Pixentia – Unique Support for the Moodle Learning Management System

Moodle – with over 70 million users worldwide - is an open source, comprehensive learning management system that enables the creation and deployment of personalized learning environments for in-house, remote and mobile employees.

How can Pixentia help you achieve your organization’s learning goals using the Moodle platform?

Link Learning Goals to Organization Performance

Pixentia’s learning professionals can provide guidance on how to target Moodle learning programs to address your organization’s most pressing training and performance needs.

Build Highly Effective Learning Environments

Look to Pixentia to help design Moodle Learning Environments that guide employees through learning and onboarding experiences that meet compliance requirements, build proficiency, and increase bottom-line results.

Realize the Full Benefits of Your Moodle Learning Initiatives

Let the learning experts at Pixentia can be your guide to Moodle’s deep feature set including course management, gamification, user collaboration, learning paths, reporting, security, and administration.

Discovery and Planning

Open source platforms like Moodle require informed planning and execution in order to take advantage of their strengths and mitigate their shortcomings. Pixentia’s discovery and planning process can help with an approach centered on understanding your business and learning management objectives. We can bring:

  • PlatformRecommendation

    Platform Recommendations

    outlining the criteria your organization should apply before adopting the Moodle platform and how best to use Moodle to meet your most important learning goals.

  • Implementation and Integration Resources

    Moodle Platform Workshops

    that review your detailed learning requirements and develop strategies for organizing your Moodle Learning Environments, course structures, and administration.

  • moodle-Project Planning-icon

    Project Planning

    putting together the tasks, resources and timelines needed to fully implement your Moodle platform, including set-up, legacy content transfer, acceptance testing, employee and IT staff training, and organizational reporting.


Moodle Project Services

Pixentia’s Moodle project services support initiatives from simple course and Learning Environment configurations to enterprise-wide implementations.

  • Application Design

    Configuration Planning

    where Pixentia’s learning consultants help customize Learning Environments and administrative settings to meet your organization’s learning and personal development plans.

  • ImplementationAndIntegrationicon

    Implementation Resources

    who can help set-up Moodle for organization-wide use, migrate legacy content, test and verify functionality, and provide overall project management.

  • LearningStratergies

    Learning Strategies

    that create clear learning pathways and use gamification and other advanced learning techniques to engage and energize employees.

  • AdoptionandMarketingPrograms

    Adoption and Marketing Programs

    to introduce your new learning initiatives to employees, widen acceptance, and provide management reports on personal and organization-wide results.

  • Moodle Platform Training

    Moodle Platform Training

    helping platform administrators and course creators owners better use the Moodle platform and fully realize the benefits of their platform investment.

Moodle Project Services

Moodle Post Production

Continuing support of your Moodle platform assures is essential to functional integrity and accurate management reporting. Pixentia can help and keep Moodle current with your changing learning needs. We can provide:

  • OperationsSupporticon

    Platform Operations Support

    including new report development, platform maintenance, and test/validation of Moodle updates and releases.

  • PlatformEnhancementsicon

    New Training and Content

    to update existing learning programs or introduce new Learning Environments and courses.

  • NewsPageAnd Business Processes

    Expanded Functionality

    that allow you to use every feature of your Moodle platform and extend it to remote and/or mobile employees.

Moodle Post Production

Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple human capital management platforms.

Can Moodle meet your learning management and performance goals? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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