Creating Powerful HCM Solutions with the SAP SuccessFactors Platform

SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human capital management platform that supports recruiting, onboarding, business collaboration, learning, talent, and HR analytics.

How can Pixentia add value to your SuccessFactors platform?

Align SuccessFactors to Improve Your Business Processes

Every organization has a unique set of performance priorities and workflows - Pixentia’s solutions professionals can focus your SuccessFactors applications on those that will have the biggest impact on your bottom-line results.

Integrate SuccessFactors with SAP and Other Business Applications

Pixentia’s team of SuccessFactors consultants can optimize its integration with your existing SAP platform with customized instance content and configuration recommendations that improve user experience and reduce operating costs.

Increase Your Return on Investment

Extend SuccessFactors functionality and utilization throughout your organization and track the human capital management and financial returns.

Discovery and Planning

Are you currently using or considering a SuccessFactors implementation? Pixentia’s discovery and planning process can help inform your planning and execution with our emphasis on understanding your business and human capital management objectives. We can offer:

  • Platform Recommendations

    which can help you decide whether to pursue a SuccessFactors implementation or how best to utilize your existing SuccessFactors platform.

  • Business Workshops

    encompassing a systematic assessment of your organization’s requirements, a roadmap for SuccessFactors deployment and configuration, and organization improvement forecasts.

  • Project Planning

    capturing all elements of a SuccessFactors project, including configuration, data transfer, acceptance testing, employee and IT staff training, and follow-up reporting.

success-factor-discovery & planning

SuccessFactors Project Services

Pixentia’s SuccessFactors project services support initiatives that can be as straightforward as a data transfer or as involved as adding a major functionality module.

  • sf-ConfigandReport-icon

    Configuration and Report Planning

    involving Pixentia’s subject matter experts who can help configure SuccessFactors to meet your organization’s HCM, business process, and business reporting needs.

  • sf-ImplementationAndIntegration-icon

    Implementation, Integration and Test Resources

    who can help integrate SuccessFactors with your legacy SAP and other applications, migrate data, undertake detailed QA and acceptance testing, and provide overall project management.

  • sf-ChangeMangement-icon

    Change Management and Adoption Programs

    that connect with employees, promote familiarization and use, and give management ongoing reporting on utilization and proficiency.

  • sf-PeopleAnalytics-icon

    People Analytics

    which use SuccessFactors data to produce reporting that provides new understandings about organizational performance.

SuccessFactors Project Services

SuccessFactors Post Production

Ongoing support for your SuccessFactors platform is critical to its performance. Pixentia can help keep it current with your organization’s evolving requirements. Turn to us for:

  • sf-OperationsSupport-icon

    Daily Operations Support

    including new report development, platform maintenance, test, and validation of SuccessFactors updates and releases.

  • sf-PlatformEnhancements-icon

    Custom Integrations & Self-Service Portals

    which can add functions, fold-in new business units, widen employee access, and increase the return on your SuccessFactors investment.

  • sf-UpdatedReportsAndTalentCards-icon

    Program Launch & Marketing

    encompassing launch planning and collateral development that will assure high rates of acceptance and use by employees at all levels.

SuccessFactors Post Production

Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple human capital management platforms.

Can SuccessFactors help move forward your human capital management plans? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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