Remove the Barriers between Learning and Doing

Virtual Reality enables your trainees to make mistakes and learn from them in a simulated environment. Pixentia’s designers create VR to fit the job context so your people can learn real job skills without the risks.

VR in Learning

Lifelike simulation can enhance learning for almost any situation, but until recently, it has been out of reach for most occupations. Today, thanks to virtual reality (VR), they are within reach of almost any organization.

We can now create a near-perfect computer-generated work context for any job, where people can learn complex skills in a risk-free environment.

High-risk situations that require fine manual skills, like surgery.

Where there is a need to simplify complex problems or multiple sensory inputs to allow learners to build on experience.

To develop the capability to make rapid real-time decisions.

Where we can use real-time feedback to allow people to learn as they explore a realistic simulation of the work context.

When we want to reduce time to productivity and overall training cost with virtual work experience.

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