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The bridge between the promise and the reality in human capital management technology

Too often, business leaders find the promises of productivity, collaboration, employee experience and engagement in HR technology are beyond their reach.

They have the framework and the tools, but the resources and expertise required to create the holistic employee experience are not in the budget. And even if it is, they find the knowledge needed to incorporate this enterprise vision to be scarce and expensive.

We strongly believe human capital is the driving force behind the success of the enterprise. Creating that consistent, user-centered experience for your employees is the crucial differentiator for your workforce.

Chasma, from the Greek Khasma (a wide, open gap) is a marketplace for apps, integrators, visualizations and dashboards, that can help you create an employee-centered experience across your enterprise.

Expensive implementation and customization cycles may take months and years to design, develop and deliver.

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    Chasma Marketplace apps are designed as simple, plug and play, easily configurable solutions that can be deployed into your enterprise in short cycles.

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    We do this by creating solutions any enterprise can use, designed to work with your current application or technology.

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    We design them so you can configure them to the unique needs of your people, without a user manual or the need for complex programming.

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    We have released the first wave of a multi-year effort to bridge the gap between the promise and the reality of human capital management technology.


How Chasma Bridges the Gap in Human Capital Technology

Chasma is not a single technology — it is a concept that drives a collection of solutions designed to bridge the gaps in your technology wherever they exist. Here's a sampling of what the Chasma vision will bring.

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    Personalized canvases and templates to build-user centered portals and landing pages.

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    Drag and drop widgets and components -- no programming.

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    Visualizations with the metrics that matter most to your executives.

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    Pre-configured dashboards -- ready to deploy in your HR systems.

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    AI-enabled user experience for employees.

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    Out of the box integrations -- ready to deploy in your enterprise.

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    Apps that create efficiencies in your cloud licensing and security.

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    Motivational feedback and gamification tools that increase participation and engagement.

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    Automation apps that can enhance validation of updates in your cloud platforms.


Become a Part of the Chasma Journey

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    Enjoy the benefits of rapid deployment and low cost with pre-configured apps.

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    Be the first to know when we release new solutions.

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    Share your ideas to earn free updates. If we develop your idea into a solution other enterprises can use, we will provide it to you at no cost. - forever.

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    Realize the promise of your HR technology. Be a part of the Chasma marketplace and realize your people vision.

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