The Chasma Advantage

People are the driving force behind the success of an enterprise.
An efficient, user-centered experience is a crucial competitive differentiator.

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    Create an employee-centered experience across your enterprise - without customization.

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    Facilitate collaboration inside and outside your enterprise.

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    Improve engagement and productivity.


Let Chasma Place Help Your Design and Digitize the Workplace of the Future.

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    Pre-configured Dashboard Designs

    Personalized canvases and dashboards to build-user centered portals and landing pages.

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    User-friendly Design Interface

    Drag and drop widgets and components -- no programming.

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    Operational Reporting Tools

    Pre-configured dashboards -- ready to deploy in your HR systems.

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    Data Visualizations

    Visualizations with the metrics that matter most to your executives.

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    AI-enhanced User Experience

    User centered experience using Artificial Intelligence based algorithms.

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    User Engagement

    Motivational feedback and gamification tools that increase participation and engagement.

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    Security Management

    Apps built to create efficiencies in your cloud security and licensing.

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    Automated Testing

    Peace of mind with testing apps for validating updates in your cloud platforms.

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    Productivity Apps

    Streamline workflows and improve productivity.

Join the Chasma Community


Join the Chasma Community to get news and insider tips.

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    Enjoy the benefits of rapid deployment and low cost with pre-configured apps.

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    Be the first to know when we release new solutions.

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    Share your ideas to earn free updates. If we develop your idea into a solution, you get it at a fair cost.

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    Expand the promise of your HR technology. Be a part of the Chasma marketplace and realize your people vision.

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