Pre-designed templates to help create engaging, user-friendly landing pages.

Most HR technology provides a way to brand your application home pages or landing pages. Many also provide the tools to link to resources or other applications.

But the scope of what you can do is often limited by design or by the skills required to make those home pages a reality. And too often, organizations find they don’t have the resources or design experience to make it happen.

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    Make your user portal or landing page a hub of collaborative activity.

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    Improve the user experience by eliminating friction.

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    Achieve greater user adoption in HR management applications.


How Chasma Editor Speeds Up Your Development

Chasma Editor is an open canvas with drag and drop components you can use to build an experience unique to your enterprise and users. Each embedded Chasma template has user-friendly WYSIWYG design tools that do not require programming skills.

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    Embed Components

    Embed components, widgets, leaderboards, and other motivational tools.

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    Drag-and-Drop Interface

    Add elements to your canvas using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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    No Complex Programming

    Provide easy access to targeted information without complex programming.

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    Collaboration Tools

    Collaboration tools embedded directly into your dashboards or landing pages.

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    Plug and Play Integrations

    Plug and play integrations with your application data sets.

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    Leaderboards and a gamified experience to motivate employees.

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Realize the promise of your HR technology.

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    Enjoy the benefits of rapid deployment and low cost with pre-configured components.

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    Be the first to know when we release new templates.

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    Share your ideas to earn free updates. If we develop your idea into a solution, you get it at a fair cost.

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    Be a part of the Chasma marketplace and realize your people vision.

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