Increase your organizational agility

A community of practitioners who believe technology should be an enabler that breaks down barriers to getting things done.

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    Avoid costly programming.

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    Bypass expensive middleware.

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    Deploy in days, not weeks.


Let Chasma Connect help you create a more agile organization

Improve the user experience and make an impact far beyond data and administration.

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    Rapid Deployment

    Reduce implementation costs and accelerate your ability to respond to changing business needs.

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    Prefabricated Connectors

    Eliminate development costs and long deployment schedule.

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    Improved Data Flow

    Get information to the right people when they need it.

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    Improved Data Quality

    Reduce data preparation time and eliminate reporting errors.

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    Industry Standard Protocols

    Reduce maintenance costs and reprogramming effort.

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    Complete Documentation

    Eliminate the risk of obsolescence.

Join the Chasma Connect Community


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    Enjoy the benefits of rapid deployment and low cost of Chasma Apps.

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    Be the first to know when we release new solutions.

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    Share your ideas to earn free updates. If we develop your idea into a solution, you get it at a fair cost.

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    Expand the promise of your HR technology. Be a part of the Chasma marketplace and realize your people vision.

Explore the current offerings in Chasma

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Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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