People Analytics Deployment

Develop a Data-Driven Organization

People Analytics Deployment Services

Most vendors provide a library of reports and tools to create your custom library. During your deployment, your Pixentia team will set up reporting and help you get started.

Reporting and Analytics Support Services

Pixentia provides consulting services defined by your vendor in a standard Statement of Work.

L&D organizations often find that basic level of service does not meet their needs, and many do not have the time or expert skills to build out their reporting library.

Pixentia provides add-on reporting and analytics services that enable you to gain valuable insights from your data.

Dashboard development tools give your people real-time access to the data they need.

Basic analytics identifies trends and trouble points so you can improve service delivery.

Advanced analytics evaluate the impact of learning on business performance.

Predictive and prescriptive analytics help you make better business decisions.

Visit our Analytics Resource Center to see how we can help you build a data-driven L&D team.