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Flexible Staffing Puts You in Control

Flexible staffing enables lean, agile operations — if you have a ready source of skilled talent.

Pixentia’s staffing specialists build relationships with seasoned practitioners who have a proven track record and a demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. We have the resources you need, from our talent pool or our network of industry contacts and partners.

We have staffing models to suit your needs, whether it is to fill a temporary gap, hire a new employee, or engage a contract employee with the option to convert to direct employment.


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Learning Content Management

Reporting and Analytics

Staff Augmentation

When you need to fill an unexpected skill gap, the last thing you need is a stack of unqualified resumes. If your needs change fast, you don’t have time for skill development.

Pixentia’s specialists work with you to identify the precise skill set you need. Then, we identify top candidates with those skills plus the ability to assimilate into your team and work environment.

You can count on Pixentia’s staff augmentation services when you:

Need to fill temporary gaps in specialized skills

Need to change staffing levels at will to control your budget

Want to avoid the costs and liabilities of full-time direct hire workers

We provide flexible staffing models to fit your skill needs and budget, with on-site staffing or remote resources, both onshore and offshore.

Direct Hire or Contract-to-Hire

When you are hiring talent for your team, you want to know you are getting the best candidates. We provide targeted recruitment, a rigorous selection process, thorough assessment, and selection tools to give you confidence in your decisions.

Targeted Recruitment

We take the time to understand what it takes to be a successful, contributing member of your team before we tap our recruiting pipeline

Candidate Pre-Screening

Reference checks, background screening, and social media scans to ensure candidates meet your hiring standards

Candidate Evaluation

Prescreening assessments and in-depth technical interviews give you a complete picture of each candidate’s abilities

Selection Guidance

Suggested interview topics and situational scenario guides you can use to assess each candidate’s approach to challenges

Need a project team?

When you need to staff an initiative beyond your capabilities, we can assemble an experienced team to staff your entire project or any part of it.

Whether you choose augmentation or contract a project team depends on how you want to work. Consider whether you:

Can manage the people and resources

Need flexibility in work assignments

Prefer to assimilate individuals into your team

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