Human Capital Management Software Platform Testing

Quick, accurate testing and lower total costs

Get control of testing your HCM platform

Testing your software before deployment is essential to effective service delivery. The stakes can be high — among the risks are dissatisfied users, failed audits, and damage to your organization’s reputation.

Pixentia employs a disciplined approach that ensures accurate, comprehensive evaluation and remedies for your business processes and user experience.

Testing Strategy

The first step in testing your software platform is to build your strategy.

How you will test. Automated testing can save a lot of time and expense, but some manual testing is necessary.

What resources you need, including the testing venue.

Your testing schedules.

Measures and metrics to assess your progress and results.

Test Development

The second part of the planning phase is to develop your testing plans: scheduling the resources and creating your scripts and scenarios. We provide:

Standard scripts for automation. We also offer tools for you to record and create your own.

Testing scenarios for manual testing and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Building sample data sets for testing.

Test Execution

When you execute your plan, you will run each script and scenario, grouped by function, then evaluate and report on each. We support you during your testing and assist you in tracking and reporting your results.

Issue Management

Managing the results of your testing requires communication and decision protocols so project managers can respond correctly to issues. Our experts work with you to assess the scope of each finding so you can estimate the impact and schedule the resources to address it.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Our testing team works with you to provide user checklists for your scenarios, so your testers can document both the behavior of the configuration and their reaction to it.

Testing Updates and Upgrades

It will help if you test your processes whenever you make significant changes. That includes updates and upgrades. Your vendor tests every change in their software, but they don’t check your configuration, your processes, your security, or your integrations. It’s up to you.

The good news is that once you have your scripts configured, you can reuse them.

Contact us if you need help to manage your updates, upgrades, and organizational changes.

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