Business Workshop

Achieve Purpose and Alignment

Align Your LMS to Your Business

Our business workshops support your technology deployment with a detailed analysis of your business practices and learning processes. Our business workshops have three primary objectives:

Establish the learning priorities critical to your business

Define your current learning practices and processes

Optimize your practices and processes

We will understand your business before we propose a solution. We target our recommendations to your specific objectives and challenges.

Learning Technology Business Workshop

A thorough understanding of your business practices and processes is essential to adapting Learning Technology to the way your people work. We work with you to understand the internal and external forces that drive your learning strategy, so we can see how to best leverage your technology to improve them.

We strive to understand your business before we propose a solution, and we target our recommendations to your specific objectives and challenges.

Process Workshop

Process work begins with mapping your current workflows to analyze and improve them.

Assist you in mapping the processes as they exist, including offline processes

Learn how users in each role access the platform and do their work

Use your process map to analyze current workflows

Identify functionality gaps, bottlenecks, pain points, and workarounds in your existing workflows

Recommend how you can improve processes using workflow tools

Map the desired future state

This work serves as the foundation for your configuration workshop where you will apply your business rules to your technology platform.

LMS Training Workshop

Learn How to Manage Your LMS for the Way You Do Business

Your configuration workshop and administrator training will show you what you can do to manage your learning platform. But what you can do differs from what you should do to improve business impact. Pixentia’s training workshop shows you how to use those tools to your best advantage.

Pixentia Learning Technology Implementation Training Workshop

Simplify Administration

Deliver a User-Centric Experience

Increase User Engagement

Make Organizational Structures Simple

Enterprise learning management systems have tools to define your organizational structure, learner groups, and content. Those tools require knowledge of what happens behind the user interface.

Pixentia’s training team shows you how to plan your structures to make them both useful and flexible, so you can handle organizational changes as they happen. That includes:

How to gather requirements from your user groups

Setting up your structures

Managing structural changes

Delivering a Useful, Engaging Experience

What is a useful, engaging experience?

As learners, we we want quick access to the training and resources we need when we need them. It would be learning content and delivery that meets our needs and helps us to do a better job and improve our prospects

As managers, we need a holistic picture of each person’s learning path and progress, and having development resources at the moment we need them

As administrators, we want to manage the structures and resources with an intuitive interface that doesn’t require an engineering degree to operate

Pixentia’s core purpose is to deliver on that promise. We do that by keeping the user’s needs first and enabling you to give them that useful, engaging experience.

Increasing User Engagement

Every user notification, registration form, homepage, news page, certificate, and diploma is an opportunity to communicate with your people about the value of their contribution to your organization. They can also be opportunities for them to interact with you.

To facilitate that conversation, Pixentia’s experts will show you how to:

Structure notifications to benefit from each communication opportunity to reinforce your company culture

Deliver personalized and targeted interactive news pages

Display progress and achievements, so each learner knows how they are doing

Use calendars and announcements to encourage engagement in learning

Create certificates and diplomas that communicate the value of skills earned

Pixentia’s team of professionals brings hand-on experience to learning technology.
We can manage development in any enterprise learning platform

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