Configuration Workshop

Align your LMS to your business requirements

Align Learning Structure and Processes to your Business

LMS vendors enable their customers to adapt software to their unique requirements by building in configuration options. Pixentia’s training shows you how those options work together, so you can make decisions that support the way you do business.

Identifying Your Training Audience

The first task for your team is to ensure that the right people receive configuration training. Many of the decisions you make will be essential for the success of your learning operations. Inviting the right people into your workshop will enable you to get valuable input from the people who do the work.

At a minimum, the following roles should receive training, but your operations may require others to attend.

Your project sponsor, business managers, and project manager will make decisions about which functions to enable and how to use them

Learning system administrators and HR administrators will need to learn how to manage day-to-day operations and system updates

Training managers, training administrators, and coordinators, who will do much of their daily work in the learning platform

Configuration Scope

Most vendors will have a standard configuration scope for their implementation. We review the configuration options with you, answer your questions, and make recommendations based on your business requirements.

Add-on Packages

Standard implementation agreements limit the services we can provide to you. We can provide additional services that enable you to deliver learning to any audience, no matter how complex your organization.

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