SumTotal® Integrations

Drive Workforce Development With Connected Learning

Integrate Your Learning And Development Data Flow

A skilled workforce requires learning at every phase of the employee lifecycle, but it cannot be accomplished without tight integration of learning with your core HR and talent management systems.

Why Integrate?


Every time your people key data into more than one application, you lose productivity. It would take days for someone to type 5,000 records into a computer. A data integration, once composed by a human, can do it in a minute or less

Data Control

People make data entry errors. To reduce those errors, strive to integrate your systems so well that information need only be entered once to use where ever you need it

A Single Source of Truth

When separate parts of your organization report different data on the same information, reporting and compliance can be risky. Each dataset should have only one master record

Talent Development

Learning drives success in every phase of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.


Deliver what prospects need to know through your LMS


Deliver information about policies and work rules, pay and benefits, and your culture

Internal Hiring

An employee’s training record can tell you a lot about an individual’s interest in and readiness for a new role


Any worthy development planning tool will have a connection to your learning resources with complete descriptions of the content

Succession Planning and Internal Hiring

Each individual’s development record is a critical component for assessing potential and readiness


Making social learning available through your collaboration tools and social media creates boundless opportunity to reinforce and share knowledge

Work with Seasoned Integration Experts

Pixentia’s experts have over two decades of experience in integrating learning platforms with HR systems. We use standardized, proven tools and technology. Our open architecture approach and careful documentation will help you through the entire integration lifecycle.

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