Offload your administration so you can focus on upskilling your workforce

Your LMS is a powerful tool, but managing it well takes knowledge, time, and effort. If your SumTotal administration is an unwelcome burden, you can let Pixentia carry some or all of it.

Pixentia Learning Resource Centers

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Why would you need managed services?

You have only one administrator and no ready backup

Your administrators have other mission-critical roles that may impact their capacity to manage learning and some tasks are too much of a burden

You’ve lost your initial edge. Over time, your administrators have trained other administrators, who taught others, and now, some critical tasks go undone

Your administrators can’t seem to find the time for advanced training


With Pixentia managed services, you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing seasoned experts are handling your SumTotal administration.

Maintaining organizations, domains, groups, audiences, user access, roles, and security

Managing catalogs and learning resources

Program and course management including course set up and testing

Troubleshooting and working with SumTotal support


Some technical issues can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if they happen so infrequently that you don’t develop the experience to manage them. Let Pixentia’s experts handling your critical technical tasks

Technical issues and support for end-users

Managing updates and update validation

Liaison with your vendor support team

Integrations and data feeds, including monitoring and resolution of data issues


If you don’t have the expert resources to manage content, you can offload that burden to Pixentia.

Program and course management including course set up and testing

Content sourcing and curation

Integrations with 3rd party learning providers

Reporting and analytics

Data management and analytics have become essential tasks for L&D, but some organizations have not yet developed the capability. Let Pixentia fill the gap while you build your team or handling all your reporting administration.

Generating, scheduling, and distributing reports

Maintaining dashboards, troubleshooting reports and data tables

Maintaining dashboards and visualizations

Referral to Pixentia’s advanced analytics team

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