People-Centered Payroll Implementation, Optimization, and Support

Select and implement the payroll platform and processes that support your talent strategy and culture

Accurate, Easy to Use Payroll Systems

A good payroll system does more than print paychecks and W-2 forms – it should be easy to use, integrate with your organization’s compensation, benefits, and accounting systems, and provide a wide range of customized reports. The consultants at Pixentia’s HCM Center of Excellence can help you make the right choice about a new payroll platform and/or needed upgrades and changes.

our services include

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    Payroll Platform Selection

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    Enterprise & HR Systems Integration

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    Platform Implementation & Training

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    Compliance Reporting

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    Legacy Data & Process Migration

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    Project Justification & ROI Valuation

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    Custom Dashboards, Reports and Analytics

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    Platform/Application Maintenance

Discovery and Planning

Pixentia’s discovery and planning process undertakes an in-depth look at your organization’s payroll plans and produces recommendations that are form-fitted to your business needs. Our work includes:

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    Payroll platform selection, encompassing RFP planning, vendor evaluation, and tools to help you chose the right platform for your organization.

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    Comprehensive project planning that mobilizes the people, resources, and third-party vendors involved in your project.

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    Business cases, project justifications and ROI valuations that demonstrate how your payroll initiative will improve operating results.

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    Data mapping and cleansing that can inform project plans and assure smooth execution of payroll system upgrades and conversions.


Project Implementation

The transition between an old and new payroll system demands flawless execution, and Pixentia’s project implementation teams are structured to assure project plans are delivered seamlessly, on-time, and on-budget. Our teams provide:

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    Workshops that build detailed conversion plans, map and align business processes, and establish optimized platform configurations.

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    Hands-on support that can integrate new platforms and applications with existing enterprise HR, finance and payroll systems.

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    Developers who can migrate data from legacy systems, manage third-party service providers, and undertake detailed QA and acceptance testing.

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    Reporting applications to support external compliance requirements.

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    Specialists who can build data warehouses and dashboards that enable real-time unit and organization reporting as well as comprehensive, analytics-based reports.

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Operations Support

Pixentia’s operations support services can keep your payroll management platform and applications running at maximum efficiency without tying-up in-house IT staff. We undertake:

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    Daily operations support, including new report development, platform maintenance, and test/validation of new upgrades and releases.

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    Updates that optimize platform utilization, improve user experience and support best practices.

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    Training and communications support to build employee utilization and proficiency.

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    Metrics tracking and reporting that enable ongoing evaluation of payroll systems projects and their financial return.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple human capital management platforms.

Are you ready to simplify and upgrade your payroll system? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization.


Pixentia creates innovative technology solutions that enable our clients to develop agile workforces, delight their customers, grow revenue and improve the bottom line.

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