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Why is Pixentia your ideal SumTotal solutions partner? It’s our focus on:

Adapting SumTotal’s Broad Capabilities to Your HCM Goals

Utilizing Pixentia’s extensive SumTotal experience to make smart recommendations on how SumTotal can meet your organization’s specific needs.

Improving Organizational Processes and Outcomes

Leveraging our knowledge of the SumTotal user interface to create simplified processes and intuitive workflows that cut costs, increase proficiency, and improve performance.

Increasing the Return on Your SumTotal Investment

Using our human capital management expertise to develop ways to exploit SumTotal’s many features and maximize its impact on your organization’s workforce.

Discovery and Planning

Whether your organization is evaluating the SumTotal platform or already using it, Pixentia starts its SumTotal engagements by developing a deep understanding of your business and HCM goals. From that emerges:

  • PlatformRecommendation

    Platform Recommendations

    including tools that can help your organization decide whether the SumTotal platform is the best choice to execute your HCM strategy.

  • BusinessWorkshop

    Business Workshops

    that use a structured process by which you and Pixentia create options for an optimal SumTotal configuration and calculate the organization improvements and financial return on investment.

  • Moodle Platform Training

    Project Planning

    that’s informed by Pixentia’s subject-matter-expertise and provides practical, in-depth roadmaps to successful platform or application implementation.


SumTotal Project Services

Pixentia’s SumTotal project implementation services can execute initiatives as simple as a custom training page and as complex as a full platform deployment.

  • Application Design

    Applications Design

    that applies Pixentia’s wide experience to create SumTotal configurations, notifications, and custom pages that are easy to use, reinforce your culture, and advance your HCM goals.

  • Implementation and Integration Resources

    Implementation and Integration Resources

    who can integrate SumTotal with existing enterprise and HR systems, migrate data from legacy systems, undertake detailed QA and acceptance testing, and provide overall project management.

  • LearningStratergies

    Learning Strategies

    which strengthen your training programs by using gamification and other advanced learning techniques to engage and energize employees.

  • AdoptionandMarketingPrograms

    Adoption and Marketing Programs

    designed to increase employee adoption of SumTotal applications and provide leadership with timely data on utilization and proficiency.

  • SumtotalProductTraining

    SumTotal Product Training Workshops

    structured to give platform owners the skills to fully exploit SumTotal and help employees adopt and master new processes and applications.

  • Analytics


    providing the organization with insights about learning, performance, succession, hiring, retention and proficiency.


SumTotal Post Production

Keeping your SumTotal platform updated and current with your organization’s needs requires ongoing, hands-on support. Let Pixentia’s specialists do the job and free your internal IT staff for more important assignments:

  • DailyOperationReport

    Daily Operations Support

    including new report development, platform maintenance, and test/validation of new SumTotal upgrades and releases.

  • LearningStratergies

    New Training and Content

    that supports new initiatives or refreshes long-standing programs.

  • NewsPageAnd Business Processes

    Additional SumTotal News Pages and Business Processes

    which enable new training and HCM processes that can be deployed in-house, remotely, or on mobile devices.


Pixentia’s experienced team of IT professionals brings hands-on, proven experience across multiple human capital management platforms.

Want to know more how SumTotal can help realize your human capital management strategy? Contact us for a conversation about the options that are right for your organization