Build a Data-Driven Organization

If you are struggling with mastery of your reporting tools, Pixentia’s Analytics Center can help you achieve your reporting goals and more. We take you beyond operational reporting to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics that drive faster and better decisions at every level of your organization.

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Achieve Reporting Mastery

Your vendor provides tools for building your reporting library, but many organizations find they don’t have the resources to get it done. Our reporting team assists your day-to-day reporting and helps you build a report library that will drive excellence in your organization.

Our team will help you:

Resolve user issues related to accessing reports and dashboards

Schedule and distribute reports and visualizations; Create and customize Ad Hoc Views, including custom and calculated fields

Manage reports governance, such as naming conventions and catalog structure

Liaison with the SumTotal Support team on SumTotal-related issues

Analytics Consulting and Technical Services

When you need to go beyond reporting to using your data to solve business problems, our team will provide consulting services to help you achieve your objective.

Identify trends and anomalies in your data.

Create and deliver dashboards to provide actionable visualizations.

Support executive decisions with intuitive, informative dashboards.

Predictive Analytics for Decision Support

Our data scientists use predictive modeling to give you new insights into your data to guide your decisions and initiatives.

Create comprehensive data models to predict outcomes.

Provide a guided workshop to zero in on a business need and determine what information you need to assess the issue.

Provide data-driven decision support to help you determine the most viable solution.

Optimize Your Workforce Strategy

Developing a workforce strategy requires that you analyze the value of multiple options, working within your staffing and funding constraints. Our data scientists will help you assess the cost and impact of various options using advanced predictive models.

Data Aggregation and Storage

We provide complete services for storing and accessing your data.

Sourcing and integrating data sources.

Warehousing of both structured and unstructured data.

Data management and governance.

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