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Dedicated Services for Cornerstone Reporting and Analytics

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Master Cornerstone Reporting and Analytics

Pixentia’s Analytics Resource Center provides all the support and assistance you need to implement reporting in learning and talent and to build your people analytics capability.

Your learning and talent applications provide powerful, sophisticated tools for building your reporting capability. Cornerstone also delivers excellent training through its Success Center.

However, tools are not skills, and training isn’t experience. Many customers find they need assistance to make use of the resources available to them.

Pixentia Services for Cornerstone Reporting and Analytics

Pixentia’s Analytics Resource Center is devoted to building your ability to deliver actionable business intelligence to the people in your organization. Our services include:

Get Deeper Insights into Your Data

We enable you to leverage the advanced capabilities of your reporting tools, so you can apply statistical analysis to your workforce data.

Invoke Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling for Better Decisions

We work with you to identify a business problem and then use advanced analytical models to predict operational outcomes.

Data Aggregation and Storage

We provide complete services for storing and accessing your data and support your in governance and control.

Why Choose Pixentia? 

When you work with us, we provide services and expertise that enable you to:

Resolve user issues related to accessing reports and dashboards so you can faster respond to your users.

Manage reports governance, such as naming conventions and catalog structure, so your people can always find the resources they need.

Schedule and distribute reports and visualizations, so you can deliver the information your people need when they need it.

Create and customize new reports.

Liaison with the Cornerstone support team on Cornerstone-related issues.

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