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Change communications should involve your key stakeholders from the beginning of your project. The best way to gain their enthusiasm is to engage your people in the change and respond quickly to their questions and concerns.

Our Change Management Services

Change Management Planning

If we had only one principle to guide us in change management, it would be to communicate early and often and never stop listening. We base our planning services on that principle. We support you by:

Analyzing the internal and external forces driving the change so you can communicate them effectively.

Assessing organizational readiness to assist you in shaping your communications.

Identifying communication channels and messaging to create a two-way conversation with stakeholders.

Stakeholder Surveys

People don't resist change. They resist being changed Peter Senge

Getting your people to support your initiative is often as easy as asking their opinions. The Pixentia team helps you create and launch a survey to assess your organization’s readiness for the change. Our support includes:

Best practices in change surveys to promote organizational readiness.

Developing the survey questions, structure, and messaging, so the survey itself educates and informs your stakeholders.

Identifying how you will respond to the survey, preferably using a channel that enables two-way communication throughout the project.

Program Marketing

Our program marketing techniques go beyond mere communication. We employ gamification techniques such as “treasure hunts” with prizes to encourage exploration of your platform features. We also work with you to promote communities of interest using social media or collaboration tools where your people can share their discoveries and ask questions.

Resource Guides

Quick reference guides can be handy when your people are new to the system and need a little help. You will want to keep them as part of your onboarding support for new learners.

Your administrators will be especially grateful for these guides when they are working with procedures they rarely use but are essential to the smooth operation of your platform.

User guide for end-users

Reference guides for administrators

Reference guides for managing resources and delivery

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