Remove the Barriers to Learning

At Pixentia, we work on the principle that e-learning design must adapt to the way people learn. Our experts bring the elements of instructional design and the user experience together to create a useful and rewarding experience.

Design a Learner-Centered Experience

Developing effective e-learning depends much more on preparation and instructional design than on the authoring tools. We work with your SMEs to create a design that meets your objectives and the needs of your audience.

Develop a storyline in the context of the work.

Embed learning retention strategies in the design.

Create multimodal design elements that encompass user preferences.

Develop and finalize the voiceover script.

Develop interaction models that enable exploration and self-awareness with a logical flow.

Choose the authoring tool and technology that works best for your requirements.

Focus on Quality

Once we complete the design phase, we turn our focus to the quality of the learner experience (LX). We strive to create an immersive, focused experience. Our standards include:

Navigation must be intuitive, consistent, and transparent. Learners must always know what is expected of them.

Reading is easy to understand and appropriate for the learner’s skill level.

Fonts are large enough for easy reading.

Color schemes are consistent with the current research on the effect of colors on the human mind.

Images, icons, and artwork are of high quality that reflects attention to detail.


Simple layout, with plenty of space between elements, so learners can focus on what is essential.

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